MVNOs and Agents

What Is The Difference Between A Verizon Wireless MVNO and a Verizon Wireless Agent?


  • Establishes retail rates to charge its customers and makes money by retaining any "margin" between the wholesale rates charged by Verizon Wireless and the MVNO's retail rates.
  • Provides its customers with all services such as credit verification, billing, collections, customer service, and equipment sales.
  • Identifies itself under its corporate brand and markets the wireless service as its own product.
  • Operates as an independent business with full responsibility for its operations, acts, daily direction and control of the business.

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An Agent:

  • Earns a commission for the activation of a customer on Verizon Wireless calling plans according to the agency agreement.
  • Sells Verizon Wireless established calling plans and is required to market and sell Verizon Wireless service in strict accordance with the agency agreement, including obtaining the customer's signature on the Verizon Wireless customer agreement.
  • Obtains credit verification from Verizon Wireless.
  • Verizon Wireless performs all billing, collections, and customer service for the Verizon Wireless customers activated by an agent.
  • Identifies itself as an authorized agent of Verizon Wireless and uses Verizon Wireless trademarks in accordance with its agency agreement.
  • Generally offers Verizon Wireless service on an exclusive basis.

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