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Which Service Will Best Fit Your Needs?

The Verizon Wireless Wholesale Program offers postpaid and prepaid services. The program provides the purchase of wireless airtime at wholesale rates, transactional support and wholesale billing media. It is at the reseller's discretion to determine which option will best fit the needs of its business.

Type of Services

Postpaid Program

The traditional wireless resale program provides voice service at wholesale rates. Based upon a financial evaluation, Verizon Wireless will determine the financial protection requirement. An irrevocable Letter of Credit (LOC) is the required form of financial protection. As a reseller, you can provide wireless airtime and enhanced features in a postpaid offering with an approved CDMA tri-mode 1XRTT handset. Currently, the billing media provided will vary by billing system. All Verizon Wireless resellers must be able to support NDM for their billing media. The billing media is in one standard format. The preferred billing media is transmission via NDM, but CD ROM is also available. It is the responsibility of the reseller to create invoices to bill its customers.

Prepaid Program

Prepaid airtime allows customers to prepay for wireless service rather than receive a monthly bill. It offers a significant opportunity to extend growth in a wireless market by targeting customers who fail credit checks and/or who are budget conscious. Benefits to the reseller include: no monthly recurring billing costs, no statements, or billing tapes required, and a network-based solution that offers more flexibility than handset application. Resellers determine their own custom airtime rates and denominations of airtime.

Resellers who choose the Prepaid Program must use Verizon Wireless' Prepaid Platform Provider. There are no exceptions. Verizon Wireless' prepay offering requires a CDMA tri-mode 1XRTT handset. Resellers are responsible for paying the Prepaid Platform Provider any setup fees that are established by the Prepaid Platform Provider. Additional information will be provided for PIN codes and service as well as an outline describing the steps required initiating service.

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