Mobile Email

  • Why is the Mobile Email application on your smartphone going away?To simplify our product line up, Verizon Wireless has decided to discontinue support for the product as of May 31, 2011.

  • What is the best resource to find additional information about this change? Visit, contact a Verizon Wireless sales associate, or dial *611 from your smartphone to learn more about the available options.

  • Will this change cost me more money? There will be no additional costs to use the default email client on your device instead of the Mobile Email application that is being discontinued.

  • What happens to my phone if I take no action by May 31, 2011? The Mobile Email application will no longer work. You will not be able to access email on your smartphone without changing to a different email application.

  • How do I determine my best email alternative to the Mobile Email for smartphones application? If your account is upgrade eligible, we recommend trying a new smartphone from our outstanding lineup. If you are not upgrade eligible or don't want to change your smartphone, visit the Personal Use tab to review your email options or dial *611 from your mobile phone to learn more about the available options.

  • What is the best resource to visit to upgrade to a new phone? The easiest way to check your upgrade status and purchase phones is to sign in to My Verizon or My Business.

  • What if I am not eligible for an upgrade on my smartphone? More details about your email alternatives are available on the Personal Use tab or by dialing *611 from your smartphone.

  • Do I have to get a new phone? You are not required to upgrade to a new phone, however, we would encourage you to consider this since the experience on our current lineup of smartphones will bring a considerable improvement over older phones.

  • What will happen to the emails and contacts I have on my phone? You can use Backup Assistant™ to manage your contacts (not available on all phones). Your contacts will be synced to your new phone once you switch. Emails will be retained through your ISP depending on your configuration settings. If additional assistance is needed, please contact a Verizon Wireless sales associate or dial *611 from your smartphone.