MORE Everything on Verizon. America's largest 4G LTE Network.

Unlimited Talk. Unlimited Text. And shareable data to power up to 10 devices. It's the plan that revolves around you.

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Data in Action

What is data? It's pretty simple. Data is what fuels your wireless device, except we measure it using "gigabytes" not gallons. The more fuel you've got, the further you can go with your smartphone or tablet. You decide how many movies, games or songs you want by choosing the right amount of data. And if you use more than you planned, we have you covered. We'll add another 1GB on your plan for just $15.

250 emails
3 hours of music
2 hours of video
2,000 emails
15 hours of music
8 hours of video
5,500 emails
22 hours of music
16 hours of video
1,200 emails
8 hours of music
4 hours of video
4,000 emails
20 hours of music
12 hours of video
10,000 emails
30 hours of music
20 hours of video

More Data. More Everything.

Ever wonder how powerful data can be? From every tap to every Tweet, data can help you enjoy freedom, flexibility and shareability to keep you current and connected in today's digital world.

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