About Data Packages


Data—Connect to the things that matter.

Data is what lets you access the web from a Smartphone, Tablet, USB Modem, Netbook, mobile hotspot or Verizon Jetpack™. It’s what lets you send an email, or surf the web, download music, and so much more.

With a Verizon data package, you get a chunk of data to use each month. Every time you connect to the Internet to do something, like send an email, you use a little bit of that data.


We have data packages for all kinds of data users. Try our data calculator to help you find out how much data you need.

Help Me Calculate My Data Usage

Data for Smartphones & Basic Phones

Data Allowance Monthly Access Overage
Pay As You Go (For Basic Phones Only) $1.99/MB – Personal Email $5  
75MB (For Basic Phones Only) $10 $10/75MB
2GB $30 $10/1GB
5GB $50 $10/1GB
10GB $80 $10/1GB

Data charges apply for all data sent or received using our network, including data used by applications that run in the background. Standard messaging rates apply for messages initiated from an application or game. Additional Terms & Conditions apply.

Overage charges occur when you exceed your Data Allowance.
Personal email is included with all data packages. 2GB and 5GB data packages not eligible for discounts.

Data packages may not be used to tether your smartphone or basic phone to a computer or tablet, or as a Wi-Fi hotspot, unless you subscribe to Mobile Hotspot/Mobile Broadband Connect. $10/75 MB data package is not eligible for discounts and is not available with $20 Mobile Broadband Connect/Mobile Hotspot feature.

Business email is available for an additional $15 per month on the $30 Data Package, and it is included with Data Packages of $50 and higher for a limited time.

Extend the capability of your device

Increase your data package with an additional 2 GB of data each month for an additional $20 per month, and enable:

Mobile Hotspot – Using your smartphone, share your data allowance with multiple Wi-Fi–enabled devices. No additional drivers or software necessary.

Mobile Broadband Connect – Use your smartphone or basic phone as a modem to get instant online access on your computer.

Requires a 2 GB data package or higher. Wi-Fi(encryption) and Internet security measures are recommended (e.g., firewall software and current patches for operating systems and applications). Overage charges are billed per your data package.

How to monitor your data usage

Receive Automated Text Message Alerts

With My Verizon and/or My Verizon Mobile you can set up your account so that you receive text messages or emails alerting you when you’ve reached 50%, 75%, 90%, 100%, and a one-time overage alert at 110% of your data allowance.


Sign in to My Verizon and view the Data Usage section of My Usage.

Call from your device

Dial #DATA (#3282) + Send from your wireless device. A text message will be sent to your device containing your data usage details.

My Verizon Mobile app

Open the My Verizon Mobile app. Tap Usage Details and tap Data to view the data usage for each line on your account.

Android Widget

A data usage widget that displays usage details on your Smartphone Home screen is available for Android devices with OS version 1.6 and higher.

Data Package FAQs