Mobile Web by VZW with MSN

Experience the mobile power of Verizon Wireless with MSN®

Experince the mobile power of Verizon Wireless with MSN®.

With Mobile Web service, Verizon Wireless offers access to the best services and content from MSN right on your mobile phone. Read your MSN® Hotmail®, send a instant message with MSN Messenger, receive personalized alerts, and access customized Web content from MSNBC, ESPN, Expedia, and more.

Also, you can get an inexhaustible amount of content from our providers. Trade stocks, compare prices while you shop, find out about the latest movies and get directions to the nearest theater, or read your local news.


Just a few of the things you can do with MSN on your Verizon Wireless phone

Customize content on

The Mobile Web companion website provides the necessary tools to customize content on your phone. To set up alerts, edit your main menu, or add a bookmark, go to from your computer. Get customized news and sports, or even your daily horoscope.

Use MSN Messenger

Exchange instant messages from your wireless phone. See when your MSN Messenger contacts are online, and even if they're on a Verizon Wireless phone or a computer. Personalize your replies using Quick Message text.

Send and Receive MSN® Hotmail®

Access your MSN Hotmail account and address book to exchange email messages easily from your wireless phone. Receive alerts when new messages are sent to you. Control unwanted messages with MSN Hotmail filters.

Check out your MSN Calendar

View appointments, check meeting locations, add birthdays, and other events.

Related Information

Interested in learning more about Mobile Web capabilities on your Verizon Wireless handset? You can find easy instructions in your phone manual.

Mobile Web Terms & Conditions


$5.00 per month.*
Price includes getEMAIL, getIM and getBROWSING, collectively known as Mobile Web.

*Airtime charges apply