Welcome to Your New Verizon Wireless Voice Mail

Get all the information you need to know about your upcoming Voice Mail Migration

What You Need to Do

  • You will need to set-up your new voice mailbox within 30 days after your mailbox has been upgraded. Click here for a list of when your VM will be upgraded. To set-up your voice mail, just press *VM (*86) SEND on your device.
  • Once your voice mail is upgraded and your mailbox is set-up, you will start receiving voice messages on your new voice mailbox. To access your voice mail, dial *VM (*86) SEND from your device.
  • Your former voice mailbox and messages will only be available for 30 days after your voice mail is upgraded. To access that mailbox click here for a list of access numbers.

Voice Mail After Your Upgrade

  • To access your voice mail dial *VM (*86) and SEND from your device. Follow the prompts to enter your password and retrieve your messages.
  • While listening to your messages, press
    7 to delete the message
    9 to save the message
    * to cancel/exit
    0 for help
    # to finish/skip
    View All Prompts
  • Once your voicemail is upgraded, if you purchase a Verizon Wireless Visual Voice Mail capable device, you maybe able to access Visual Voice Mail.
    Click here for more information.
    Voicemail Support
    Voicemail FAQ's

Here's What's Changing

  • More storage, duration and retention capabilities.
  • With Basic Voice Mail you will now have:
    20 messages
    3 minutes in length (per message)
    21 days retention

The following features will no longer be available with your new mailbox:

  • Voice Mail to Text
  • Voice Mail MAX
  • Multiple user mailboxes (family mailboxes)
  • One voice mailbox for multiple phone numbers and custom system prompting/menus. Prompts/menus will be standardized to Verizon Wireless settings at the time of the upgrade.
    More details about Voice Mail Plans and Prompt Differences

When Messages Will Be Deleted

30 days after your mailbox is upgraded, you can no longer access your former voice mailbox and ALL messages will be deleted.

If you have messages that you would like to save, please contact CBW Production at www.cbwproductions.com, or call them at 1-800-770-8046. Your messages will be saved in either an MP3 format or onto a CD or cassette. You will receive a 10% discount off your order if you enter the code ALLTEL when checking out.

*If you have the Text Block or Do Not Text feature on your account you will be receiving a letter 30 days prior to upgrade.