Automated Self-Serve System Prompts

Automated Services - Press 1

  • To check your balance
  • To make a payment
  • Check minutes of use
  • Find a store

Voice Mail Password and
Help with Features - Press 2

  • To reset your voice mail password
  • To add Caller ID Blocking
  • To add or remove features
  • For help using features

At any time during the call...

Press 7 to repeat the options

Press 8 to go back

Press 0 for customer service options

Data Services - Press 3

  • For billing questions related to all data products
  • For Technical Support for Text Messaging or Mobile Web
  • For Technical Support with PDAs
  • For Technical Support with PC Cards, Mobile Office Kits, Email and Internet Access

Additional Customer Service
Options - Press 0

  • For roaming or problems making or receiving calls
  • To stop your service
  • For all other requests