Privacy and Security - Secure eBill

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Thank you for using Secure eBill. Your monthly bill has been delivered in a secure PDF format. To ensure that it cannot be opened or viewed by others without permission, the bill is encrypted and password protected.

If you have trouble opening the eBill, you may receive one of the following Adobe error messages.

My Verizon registered customers may use Forgot Password to retrieve or reset their password. If you have not registered for My Verizon, please call 800-922-0204 to retrieve or reset your Billing System Password.

When a secure PDF form is opened, Adobe Acrobat Reader tries to connect to a Verizon Wireless secure server. A Security Warning dialog box may be displayed with a message similar to the example below. It may also appear when clicking the "Pay Bill Now", "View Bill Details" and "Manage Auto Pay" buttons within the Secure eBill.

In order for the Secure eBill to access the server, you must click the "Allow" button. It is recommended that you select the "Remember my action for this site" option. When this option is selected, Adobe Acrobat Reader saves information about the web site in which the server resides. Thereafter, the Security Warning dialog box will not be shown when any Secure eBill or other PDF form tries to connect to the specified Verizon Wireless web site.

Stored information related to trusted web sites can be viewed or modified via the Reader Trust Manager preferences.

Select the Adobe menu bar, then select Edit, then Preferences, as shown below:

The specific web sites that are trusted ("Allow" access was selected) or not trusted ("Block" access was selected), are viewed by clicking the "Change Settings..." button in the Internet Access from PDF Files outside the web browser section. When this button is clicked, the following Manage Internet Access window is displayed:

In the My Web Sites section in the above example, the highlighted item shows the web site and access that was selected from the example Security Warning dialog box.

If you were to accidentally click the "Block" button in the Security Warning dialog box, you will not be able to open your eBill. The web site access would be displayed in the Manage Internet Access window as "Always Block". To change the setting so that the eBill can connect to the server, you would need to select the web site in the Manage Internet Access window and click the "Delete" button. This will remove the web site from the My Web Sites list. The next time the eBill tries to connect to the web site, the Security Warning dialog box will be displayed again.

It is recommended that users do not change the default values for the options in the Manage Internet Access window. The "Let me specify a list of allowed and blocked web sites" and "Always ask" options should be selected. Corporate users may have these options disabled by their IT Department to prevent the settings from being changed.

View the Verizon Privacy Policy at