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Verizon Plan for Business.

Share data with up to 25 lines.

All plan sizes include these features:

Unlimited Talk & Text

Talk and text all you want, every minute and message is included.

Mobile Hotspot

Turn your device into a hotspot to provide Internet access to other devices.

Unlimited International Messaging

Send unlimited messages from the US to over 200 countries worldwide.

Carryover Data

Carryover your unused data and keep it until the end of next month, so you never waste a gig.

Mexico & Canada service

Call and text anyone in Mexico & Canada, and use your phone in Mexico & Canada like you would in the US.

Safety Mode

Stay online at a reduced speed even after you've used all your data for the month.

Data Boost

Buy data on demand whenever you need it with Data Boost.

Shareable Data

One data pool for all your phones, tablets and other Internet devices.

Pick your plan size

Our plans are built to fit your business needs, each with more data and unlimited Talk & Text.

All plan sizes include:

  • Carryover Data
  • Safety Mode
  • Calling to and from Mexico & Canada
  • Use your device in Mexico and Canada
  • Data Boost $15/1 GB

Add smartphones,
tablets and more.

Add a smartphone


$35/mo when purchased with a contract at a discount.

Add a tablet or hotspot


Add a basic phone


Add a connected device

$5/mo per device.

Discounts are applied to monthly account access fees on eligible plans (excluding unlimited) and features, subject to restrictions. Monthly access fees are not eligible for discounts. 1-year and 2-year smartphone and basic phone pricing is not available for new activations/upgrades for lines on the Verizon Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited Plans. $40 Smartphone Line Access applies to lines migrating to the Verizon Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited Plans while still under a prior 1- or 2- year contract.

More plan options on the best network.

International Services

Connect from abroad or to 200+
countries while in the US.

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Machine to Machine plans

Collect and monitor data with
remote assets.

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More businesses choose Verizon than any other wireless carrier.

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people, which is more than 98% of the
US population.

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