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Benefits of Using the
Verizon Business Portal

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is more than your job, it's what keeps you in business. It's simple - better cost control means sharper competitive edge.

Easy self-service access to your Verizon Business
account can help you rein in your devices and ramp up your savings, so you can stay focused on success.

Budget Toolkit

Maintain control of your budget.

Identify users eligible for upgrades, activate new devices and suspend lost or stolen devices
with just a click. You can also place and monitor orders and view spending trends using
standard or custom reports so you can keep your costs in line.

Big Picture

Get the big picture.

Access multiple accounts, review line usage and call details and distribute electronic
invoices. Plus, you can integrate with third-party systems and access other Verizon Wireless
Management portals to help your business run smoothly.

Discount Tag

Find discounts tailored to your business.

Check out the latest devices and solutions for your business—and the best prices.
You can also review online-only offers and find exclusive discounts from trusted industry
leaders through the Verizon Discount Program*.

Sign in to efficiency - begin self service account management today.

We have used Verizon for years and are happy with the service. I particularly like being able to handle the account online for almost all of our needs.


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