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Up to $929.99 device payment purchase per device required. 2nd phone of equal or lesser value. $799.99 promo credit applied to account over 24 mos. & starts w/in 1-2 bill cycles: promo credit ends when balance paid or line terminated/transferred: 0% APR. New line or service required.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

  • Best Network for Business: Give your business the edge with the new GS9 & GS9+ on the nation’s largest and more reliable 4G LTE network. It’s easy to see why more businesses choose Verizon than any other wireless carrier.

    *Results based on an independent research study of 6,858 business locations using corporate liable wireless service. Telephone interviews were conducted between 1Q2017 and 4Q2017 with the employee most knowledgeable of telecommunications service.

    Buy one Star or Star 2 on DPP, get $799.99 towards the purchase of another Star or Star 2 device. At least one line must be activated on a new line of service. BIC discount applied monthly (over 24 months), 1-2 billing cycles after purchase date.

  • Knox Security: Defense-grade security built right into the device, keeping work data secured and isolated away from personal data with full backend controls for IT managers.
  • IP68 Certification: Your device is dust proof & water resistant so you can work confidently in most environments.
  • Intelligent Fusion Biometric: Keeps hackers out and data safe with additional measures of security when unlocking with biometrics, such as iris-scanning and face-weighting.
  • DeX: Transform your smartphone into a “PC-like” experience for seamless productivity with Dex Pad.

    *Samsung DeX Pad sold separately.

  • Infinity Display: Stretches from edge to edge with no buttons and no bezel so you can easily work in two windows side-by-side for maximum productivity.

Confidently face business challenges with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and B2B Solutions.

Productivity solutions that improve
communication and simplify processes:

One talk logo

Say hello to cutting-edge communication and collaboration.

With One Talk, all office phones and mobile devices work with one number so customers can find business contacts wherever, whenever.

BroadSoft logo

Keep teams on track with simplified collaboration.

Simplify collaboration by helping teams connect and share chat, files, conference calls, tasks, notes, emails, projects and more in one mobile-friendly app with Verizon Team One—powered by BroadSoft. Workers can collaborate anywhere and on any device in an all-in-one virtual workspace.

Office 365 logo

Verizon and Microsoft Office 365 give businesses tools they need to evolve as the traditional workplace changes. With the full Microsoft Office suite available on the go, from any device, when and where they need it.

Mobile security solutions to protect business
assets and detect potential threats:

Business protection and personal privacy. All on one device.

Verizon and Samsung Knox bring defense-grade mobile security to any size business to keep mobile devices secure without workers needing to sacrifice access.

Businesses take control of their mobile environment with IBM MaaS360 with Watson, the planet’s smartest endpoint protection platform.

Enterprise Mobility Management solution that generates actionable information from mobile device data in order to help keep endpoints, apps, documents other data protected from crimeware and viruses.

Protect mobile devices from potential cyber attacks.

With Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, businesses can protect their devices from outside threats. Lookout provides advanced security and comprehensive protection that helps fight data comprise on mobile devices.

DeX Pad Desktop Experience Dock
DeX Pad Desktop Experience Dock

Use your Galaxy S9 and S9+ as a desktop computer and run multiple apps with windowed multi-tasking.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Perfect business tool to engage your customers and inspire employees to do more and collaborate.

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Samsung Power Bundle
Samsung Power Bundle

Charge wirelessly or on the go with the Fast Charge Power Bundle.

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