• Executed Enterprise Agreement dated 12/13/2013 (9800-GTA-794-V)
  • Technical Response to the RFP
  • Pricing & Equipment Offer (amended)
  • Verizon E-Verify declaration to GTA dated 2014
  • Forms:
    • GTA Agency Agreement – This form must be completed, signed by the Agency and counter-signed by Verizon Wireless. It is the participating agency’s official participation in the contract.
    • Point of Contact Form – The participating Agency completes and executes providing Address, Tax and D&B information. It is also REQUIRED to identify those Agency employees authorized to contact Verizon, discuss account details, activate, change or disconnect lines.
    • Federal Tax Declaration – Completed and signed by the participating Agency stipulating the Agency’s tax exempt status
    • State of Georgia Sales Tax Exemption Certificate – Completed and signed by the Agency stipulating its exemption from state sales tax.
  • Questions concerning the documents and/or forms should be directed to:

    Richard A. Long
    Client Partner – Government & Education

    Two Verizon Place, GAAL2B3BBS
    Alpharetta, GA 30004

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