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The new Moto X™

Meet the new Moto X. It's here to make your life easier at every single turn.


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Manages your day Moto Assist

Moto X knows when you're in the car or in a meeting, so it can give you directions or silence your phone.

Answers straight Moto Voice

Ask questions, call colleagues and get directions by voice-command. Moto X's voice experience feels natural and personal.

Keeps your informed Moto Display

Receive silent notifications on your lock screen. Moto X shows your last text and the details of your next meeting.

Reacts to you Moto Action

Moto X understands your hand gestures and signals. Wave your hand to silence calls or flick your wrist to launch the camera.

Take your office anywhere Global Ready

The all new Moto X makes traveling simple and keeps you connected to the information you need to stay productive while working overseas. Travel with confidence that you can get voice and data service in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Security has Never Been Simpler

  • FIPS 140-2 Encryption

    Keep corporate data & documents safe with government-grade device encryption.

  • Exchange ActiveSync®

    Securely access your corporate email, calendar and contacts while on the go.

  • Motorola Migrate

    Quickly move messages, photos and contacts from any phone onto the Moto X.

  • Splash Guard

    Moto X's nano-coating is water resistance against spills, splashes and rainfall.

Ready for business Moto X

It's never been easier to be productive.

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