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Innovate at the edge with AWS and Verizon.

We’ve partnered to combine Verizon’s powerful edge computing capabilities with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) simple, fast and flexible cloud services. Now you can innovate in ways you never thought possible before.


    5G versus Wi-Fi 6

    Explore the features and use cases that make 5G the superior connectivity option for enterprises.

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    Building the Future of Journalism with Verizon 5G

    5G will change how news is gathered.

    With support from Verizon, The Times is exploring how best to incorporate 5G.

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    5G news and resources

    5G and edge computing: Bringing real time to the real world

    The combination of 5G and edge computing delivers the processing speeds and network architecture that empowers enterprises to operate essentially in real time.

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    First principles for securing 5G

    Verizon is designing and deploying its 5G network with full awareness of the expanded cyber threats the next generation of wireless communications could face.

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5G Ultra Wideband: Built right for the NFL

See how Verizon is supercharging the digital transformation of NFL stadiums

  • What will 5G mean for fans?

    Verizon 5G is helping the NFL drive fan experience innovation.

    Verizon 5G has the low latency, speed and scalability to create many new ways to engage fans in the stadium.

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  • More engaging experiences

    The future could bring interactive apps and more powered by 5G.

    • Augmented reality
    • Near real-time player stats
    • Fan participation
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  • More advanced stadiums

    5G can potentially help power improvements throughout the stadium, including:

    • Digital stadium operations
    • Massive streaming support

    NFL fans can test out 5G at 13 stadiums across the nation.

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  • Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is built right.

    Not every 5G network is powerful enough to improve customer experiences at massive scale.

    5G needs the right elements:

    • Millimeter spectrum
    • Small cells
    • Fiber
    • Edge computing

    See how the Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband network is built right.

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Additional 5G resources

5g San Francisco

5G Ultra Wideband lag test

Want to see how much faster 5G could be? Watch a test simulating the difference in latency between 4G and 5G. 

    5G news and resources

    The business case for true 5G

    When it comes to capturing the full potential of 5G for your business, you need to learn to differentiate between investments in hype and investments in innovation.

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    This is 5G

    Ericsson report: This is 5G

    The next network evolution is here. Learn what 5G is--and what it could mean for you.


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    5G news and resources

    Immerse yourself in 5G.

    Learn how 5G’s ultrawide bandwidth, high speed, low latency and edge computing capabilities will facilitate groundbreaking improvements in immersive technologies.

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    Verizon PowerPoint Toolkit

    Take your business to new heights.

    Our Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband combines end-to-end fiber resources, a large deployment of small cells and significant spectrum holdings to help your business reach the full potential of 5G.

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See the real-world difference 5G can make.

The way we work, live and play is already changing thanks to the unprecedented performance of 5G Ultra Wideband. And it’s only the beginning. Check out the videos below to learn more about the transformative power of 5G.

5G Eight Currencies

    5G will change business. Stay in the know.

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