Point of

Mobile point of sale solutions
using Internet of Things (IoT) and
machine-to-machine (M2M)
technologies help improve the
customer experience and
outpace the competition.

  • Mobile Payment (Mobile Pay)


    Turn your Android or iOS device into a payment terminal and merchant business tool with a single point of sale app.

    • Process cash, magstripe or chip card (EMV) transactions
    • Accept tips, email customer receipts, track inventory and more
    • Reduce costly chargebacks by accepting chip cards
    • Manage your business and create detailed reporting with the companion web portal
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  • Smart Vending

    Accept cashless payments and transmit real-time sales data through wireless self-serve vending machines—which also deliver automatic alerts for inventory management and machine maintenance.
    • Gather information on customer usage to increase sales
    • Save on labor costs by sending technicians only when needed
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  • Self-Service Kiosks


    Provide your customers with 24/7 access to services and products while reducing operating costs with remotely managed self-service kiosks and wireless ATMs.

    • Capture video for customer security and theft prevention
    • Increase market penetration without opening new stores
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  • Digital Signage


    Give your customers timely, targeted messages on high-impact touchscreen displays to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

    • Manage consistent communication across multiple locations
    • Keep fresh, relevant messaging in front of customers at all times
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