Protect and track 
your valuable
equipment with
Asset Tracking.

Effectively managing trailers, generators, heavy-duty equipment, sheds and other assets in the field requires knowing where they are at all times. With Verizon Connect, you can quickly and easily identify the precise location of fixed or movable assets in your business with reliable round-the-clock asset tracking and communications.

Easy-to-install hardware with GPS technology and the Verizon Wireless network provides a complete tracking system that helps streamline your asset management process.

  • Easily locate and manage high-value assets
  • Facilitate fast, efficient movement of assets in the field
  • Help improve response times by pinpointing asset locations
  • Help deter theft with unauthorized movement alerts
  • Access near real-time data in the office or remotely via compatible smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices

Let us create an asset tracking solution for you.

Learn more about how Verizon Connect can help control operating costs, reduce losses from theft and damage, and provide excellent field responsibility.