Verizon Grid Wide Utility Solutions.

Simplify grid modernization to help increase efficiency and lower costs.

Verizon Grid Wide Utility Solutions is the smart way to move to a smart grid.

It’s a fully-scalable, secure, managed, cloud-based software platform that enables:

  • Smart metering
  • Meter data management
  • Demand response
  • Distribution monitoring and control for water, gas and energy utilities
  • Grid wide utility

    Verizon Grid Wide is a platform as a service model — so utility companies won’t have to reengineer their entire network to improve services. You can focus on problem areas or service territories first and expand as needed.

    By integrating key network, application and data acquisition hardware, Verizon saves you the complexities and cost of building your own solution. And it’s all supported by the nation’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network.

    Learn how Verizon Grid Wide Utility Solutions can help you meet your water, gas and energy challenges and satisfy your customers.

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  • Intelligent water monitoring
  • Intelligent water monitoring.

    Experts estimate that trillions of gallons of treated water leak away each year.

    Grid Wide Intelligent Water helps modernize your existing water system so you can:

    • Monitor operations from a single platform.
    • Identify leaks and deploy repair crews faster.
    • Save time, money and—most importantly—water.
  • Smart gas metering
  • Smart gas metering.

    Get the power to modernize your aging infrastructures and conserve precious natural gas resources.

    Grid Wide Intelligent Gas allows you to:

    • Read meters remotely.
    • Help to pinpoint tampering and irregularities more quickly.
    • Simplify the job of keeping tabs on your system, freeing up time and resources while helping to keep costs under control.
  • Remote energy monitoring and balancing
  • Remote energy monitoring and balancing.

    This service provides utilities the visibility and capability to manage and modernize your electric grids.

    With Grid Wide Intelligent Energy you’ll be able to:

    • Pinpoint outages in near real time to help restore service more quickly.
    • Better manage and balance energy loads during peak usage hours.
    • Improve metering performance and analyze trends in energy consumption.
    • Remotely monitor equipment and other assets using smart meters to keep them up and running.

Learn how Verizon Grid Wide Utility Solutions can get you started to implement, manage and control your smart grid infrastructure cost-effectively.


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