Field Force Manager

Transform the way work gets
done in the field and drive
productivity and efficiency
in the office.

  • Help mobile teams stay in touch and on top of their workday.

    The Field Force Manager mobile workforce tool gives you the visibility you need to help transform the way work gets done in the field.

    From a central console in the office, you can help mobile teams stay in touch and on top of their workday, streamline information collection and simplify administrative processes. You’ll get the insight you need to be more productive and grow your business.

    • Connect workers with your back office to schedule and dispatch jobs directly to their mobile device—no calls or text messages needed.
    • Manage jobs, schedules and route information to help keep your workers on track and on time.
    • Coordinate customers' scheduling requests and provide proof of service and delivery.
    • Streamline your administrative processes to monitor and verify worker hours with mobile timesheets.
    • Use customizable mobile forms to accurately track and manage inventory, productivity, payroll costs, job performance and service satisfaction levels.
  • As your business expands, Field Force Manager will grow with you.

    • Tailor to your unique business needs with flexible versions—Limited, Basic and Pro.
    • Available on 4G Basic LTE devices in addition to a variety of Android and iOS devices1 and popular iPad and Samsung tablets2.

    And it's powered by the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

    1 Now supports iPhone 8, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note8
    2 Available tablets include the iPad Air, iPad 2, Samsung Tab 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab E.

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  • Field Force Manager
  • Field Force Manager app can help your mobile team stay on top of their workday.

    Armed with their Verizon-enabled device, your mobile team is in constant contact – logging-in easily to streamline communication and enable information collection in near-real time.

    • Receive job assignments and messages right on their handset.
    • Get turn-by-turn directions to job sites.
    • Make service verification simple and fast – take photos, capture electronic signatures or scan barcodes to provide full job documentation.
    • Submit electronic timecards.
    • Document reimbursable mileage, parking and tolls, and digitally send to the office.

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