With One Talk, you’re ready for new opportunities. 

Small business owners know that every call counts. One Talk for
small and medium businesses provides one number for desk
phone and smartphones. So when opportunity calls, you’re
reachable, even on the go. 

Verizon One Talk makes it easier for customers to reach you.

One Talk for small and medium-sized businesses assigns one number for compatible mobile devices, desk phones and PCs and rings them all during a call. Multiple business-grade features help you boost productivity and deliver loyalty-building customer service.

  • Move freely across devices.

    Keep conversations seamlessly going from a desk phone to a smartphone and back again

  • Never miss a call. 

    Calls ring on both your mobile and desk phones, so customers can reach you even when you’re on the go

  • Boost your communications.

    Conferencing, automated receptionist capabilities—you get a lot with One Talk

  • Reduce your costs.

    Affordable to start, with lots of opportunity for money savings over time

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    Explore how One Talk can keep businesses with more than 500 employees connected. 


One Talk desk phones    

With enhanced quality and advanced features, One Talk desk phones* are
perfect for your business. Contact a Verizon representative today to purchase
one of these devices.

  • CP960


  • VZP59


  • T41S-IP Phone

    T41S IP

  • T41SW-IP Phone

    T41SW IP

  • T42S


  • T46S-IP Phone

    T46S IP

  • T46SW-IP Phone

    T46SW IP

  • W60 IP DECT Phone

    W60 IP DECT

  • CP920 IP Conference Phone


Powerful features built
for business

One Talk offers more than 50 features accessible from compatible desk phones or select
Android® or iOS mobile devices. 

  • One Talk symbol

    One Number

    Because your mobile and desk phones share the same number, they’ll ring at the same time, so you don’t miss a call.

  • One Talk symbol

    Auto Receptionist

    Incoming calls get answered automatically, and customers can quickly choose which department or person they need.

  • One Talk symbol

    Hunt Group

    If an employee is unavailable, calls are automatically routed to a predefined team member, so calls don’t go unanswered.

  • One Talk symbol


    Employees can create a conference call of up to six people at once, giving everyone a say.

One Talk Promotions

  • Two months of One Talk
    service for free.1

    Opportunity is calling.

    Contact a rep
  • Get $85 off any One Talk
    desk phone with activation
    on the $25+ One Talk plan.2

Keep employees connected even when they’re not at the office.

Watch how an electrical contractor used One Talk to make project managers and executives reachable remotely.

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1 Desk phones must be activated on new One Talk numbers for $25/mo. $25 promotional credit is applied each month for 2 months. If desk phone or MDN is deactivated after first month, second month’s credit is forfeited. Promotion ends after 2 months (whether line is active or suspended). A broadband connection also is required.

Discounted amount is off the retail price. Device cannot be discounted below $0. Must activate a One Talk desk phone price plan.

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