Push to Talk Plus

Communicate more quickly, and with more people, at the push of a button.

Connect instantly with just the push of a button.

Push to Talk Plus now has even more calling features to help you communicate more quickly, more securely and with more people. As a two-way radio-type service, Push to Talk Plus provides simple communication with a push of a button. It makes it easy to stay connected to team members, workers, clients and more. 

All you need is a Push to Talk Plus subscription and a compatible device, and you’re ready to start. Push to Talk Plus not only works great on the Verizon network, but it’s also compatible with a variety of Wi-Fi networks including hotspots, jetpacks and other service providers.1

  • Push to Talk Plus

One app, so many possibilities.

When you download the Push to Talk Plus App from the Apple App Store or Google Play, you’ll get a variety of features that will help you work more efficiently and collaborate more easily, including:

Push to Connect

Push to Connect delivers more than just voice communications. It allows you to send text and voice messages, share photos, videos, files and locations with contacts and groups—all without leaving the app. Push to Connect allows for integrated messaging to individuals as well as groups in a single communication thread. In addition to smartphones and tablets, Push to Connect is now also available on basic phones.

Group communication

Push to Talk Plus lets you easily communicate with up to 250 people at the same time, all with the press of a button. It’s a great tool for the widespread sharing of everything from general information like weather updates, birthday announcements, to more urgent communications like a fire in the building.

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) interoperability

Push to Talk Plus is compatible with your existing Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems, so you don’t need to worry about replacing all of your expensive existing equipment. Push to Talk Plus allows you to integrate your existing LMRs into a new and upgraded Push to Talk system, so you are able to use mobile devices and LMRs on the same dispatch system.

Broadcast capabilities

Broadcast capabilities allow for announcements to be madefrom 1-to-500 users. This feature is only accessible for designated individuals and is great for communicating information like company-wide morning announcements or urgent updates.

Web Dispatch2

Web Dispatch allows designed dispatchers to manage Push to Talk Plus from a Windows PC computer. Web Dispatch enables the dispatcher to see the location of all members of a group on a map, helping to improve worker efficiency, coordination, accountability and safety.

  • Customize your Push to Talk Plus experience.

    To give you greater flexibility to customize how you collaborate, Push to Talk Plus now comes with Group Advanced and Group Command, our two new optional add-on feature bundles.

    Group Advanced:

    • Urgent Calling and Alert— With the highest priority on the Push to Talk Plus platform, this call has a distinct tone and will interrupt any ongoing Push to Talk Plus call
    • Large Talkgroups—Increase group size up to 3,000 members
    • Location-Based Temporary Groups— Automatically add members to a group as they enter into a designated area

    Group Command:

    • User Check—Allow authorized Push to Talk Plus clients and dispatchers to obtain helpful user information such as presence and location, device signal strength and device battery level3
    • Discreet Listening—Enable authorized users to remotely listen to any Push to Talk Plus call communication
  • Push to Talk Plus devices
  • We have the Push to Talk Plus devices you need to get work done.

    Push to Talk Plus is supported on 4G Basic devices like the rugged Dura XV-LTE and Sonim XP5, in addition to a variety of Android and iOS devices and popular connected iPad and Samsung tablets for easier viewing and increased productivity. 4

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Push To Talk Plus


  • Construction


    Keep multiple job sites up-and-running smoothly by connecting employees and job sites quickly and easily with Push to Talk Plus.

  • Education


    Drive productivity, innovation and safety by connecting faculty with each other, parents and students almost instantly using 4G LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and push to talk technology.

  • Energy

    Energy & Utilities

    Give employees real-time access to information that helps them deliver superior customer service from the office or in the field.

  • Government


    Deliver services to citizens faster and assist first responders in field by improving how you share information between departments and government agencies.

  • Healthcare


    Help increase organization and improve emergency response times with PTT+’s instant call setup and group-talk management features.

  • Manufacturing


    Talk to everyone in your supply chain immediately to overcome your day-to-day production challenges – all in one self-contained service.

  • <p>Retail & Wholesale</p>

    Retail & Wholesale

    PTT+ gives you real-time access to inventory levels, purchase histories and shipping timelines – so you can be more responsive to customer needs.

  • Transportation & Distribution

    Transportation & Distribution

    Push-to-talk technology gives you a cost-effective way to connect dispatchers and your mobile workforce – so you have a better idea of what’s going on and where.

  • Travel and Hospitality

    Travel & Hospitality

    Improve guests’ experience by increasing your employees’ ability to respond quickly to guest needs using instant communications enabled by push-to-talk technology.

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1 Push to Talk Plus does not work internationally unless connected to a Wi-Fi network.

2 Only available on Windows at this time.

It also allows possible actions such as radio enable/disable which permits authorized users to enable or disable Push to Talk Plus on a specific end user's device.

4 Now supports iPhone 8, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note8. Available tablets include the iPad Air, iPad 2, Samsung Tab 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab E.