Take control of your mobile network with Verizon Wireless Private Network

Help increase productivity and agility without compromising control and management.

Control mobile access to your network:

  • You have complete control over device access to your network like you do with other computing assets.
  • The Dynamic Mobile Network Routing (DMNR) option advertises the wireless router’s LAN for remote access and management of any connected device.
  • Isolating your data helps you avoid the inherent risks of unsolicited traffic from the public internet.

Easy deployment and management:

  • No need to deploy and manage complicated device configurations to establish network connectivity.
  • Gain private network access wherever there is Verizon Wireless coverage.
  • The Verizon Wireless Private Network infrastructure is scalable.
  • The Traffic Management enhancement enables application differentiation and Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities using standards-based IP packet marking—allowing you to create preferences for mission-critical applications, secure a high level of service, and achieve more predictable performance during times of peak network demand.

Flexible connectivity options:

  • Multiple ways to connect to your network allow you to choose the method that suits your business.
  • Split data routing allows data connectivity to your private network or internet designations.

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