Question Answer
Why are you charging fees for Upgrades, Activations & Restocking? Fees cover the cost of bringing on a new line of service or upgrading existing equipment and helps us continue to deliver the best network experience for you and your business.

Becoming a business customer also gives you the power of choice for your business by opening up additional benefits that help drive business success such as:

  • Leverage flexible pricing options
  • Experienced Business customer support
  • Access to digital account management through My Business
  • Access to powerful solutions like One Talk, Yahoo Small Business, Business Routers and our Business Solutions Store
  • The ability to schedule an appointment with one of our Small Business Specialists or our Small Business Security Team
Are there any exceptions to the upgrade, activation, restock fees. Yes, the following exceptions/exclusions apply:

Customers who will be excluded from Upgrade, Activation, Restock Fees:

  • Government
  • Enterprise
  • GPO (Group Purchasing Organization)
  • Non-standard price plans are not impacted
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) lines

Business customers on a Consumer Plan must move to a Business Price Plan to have fees waived. The waiver of these fees is a Business Price Plan benefit, unless you have 10 or fewer lines
When does this policy go into effect? On or after January 17th, 2020 customers may incur upgrade fees, activation and/or restocking fees . The fee will be refunded if the device is returned within 30 days.
If I have questions how do I get support? Click here to login and chat with us or call 800.922.0204.