Welcome Boeing Employees and Retirees

Switch to America’s Most Reliable Wireless Network!

Get connected and stay connected with the following offers to Boeing employees and retirees from Verizon Wireless:

  • Great News! Monthly access discount has increased from 20% to 25%! Activate new service, upgrade existing service or register your line to receive this increased discount. Activation Fees, taxes and other charges apply; (Minimum 1-or 2-yr Customer Agreement required. Note: for Family SharePlans, access discount is only available on the primary line. Family Share monthly access fee includes a primary and secondary line; the secondary line having an effective rate of $9.99.
  • 25% discount on select accessories purchased on the Boeing web site. 
  • Call any Verizon Wireless customer anytime nationwide without using your plan minutes with Unlimited Mobile to Mobile (on select plans).

Plus, get the most out of your wireless network:

  • Now you can browse the Internet and access your email with your laptop on the America’s most reliable wireless broadband network with a Mobile Broadband device (sold separately)! 
  • For quick and easy remote access to email and attachments, use a BlackBerry or Smartphone to maximize your productivity. Sign up on a BlackBerry or Smartphone plan today! 
  • A phone isn’t just for making calls anymore. It can be a message center, a camera, a game system, a portable music and video player, your link to the Web, and more. Verizon Wireless has cool camera, video & music phones to communicate in a whole new way! 

Our Surcharges (incl. Fed. Univ. Svc. of 9.1% of interstate & int'l telecom charges (varies quarterly), 5¢ Regulatory & 40¢ Administrative/line/mo., & others by area) are not taxes (details: 1-888-684-1888); gov’t taxes and our surcharges could add 4% - 33% to your bill. IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: Subject to National/Major Account Agreement, Calling Plan and credit approval. $175 termination fee, other charges and restrictions. Offers and coverage not available everywhere. Blackberry: send/receive emails in the national Enhanced Services Coverage Area only; coverage limitations & maps and network details at Verizon Wireless.com. Mobile Broadband: If more than 5 GB/line/month, we presume use is for non-permitted uses and will terminate service; see brochure for details. Mobile Broadband is available to more than 256 million people in 258 major metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Independent contractors are not eligible for these discounts. These discounts and offers are reserved for existing Boeing employees, immediate family members of existing employees, or retirees.

New Customers

Shop Online using the Boeing and Verizon Wireless Commerce site.

Find a retail store near your location.

Call a sales representative at (800) 256-4646

Current Subscribers

Check your eligibility for qualifying plans eligible to receive these new discounts.

Simply go to the Boeing and Verizon Wireless Commerce site and select "Register Your Line" under Existing Customers to apply.