Voice Mail takes a caller's message when you can't answer the phone. You will receive a message-waiting indicator to let you know that a message has been left for you. Basic Voice Mail includes:
  • Up to 20 stored messages
  • Up to a 3-minute recording per message

We also offer Visual Voice Mail. Visit our Voice Mail Comparisons chart to compare Basic and Visual Voice Mail.

    How to Get It

    Voice Mail is an included feature that's typically added to your account when you first activate service.

    iPhone 4® or newer: Apple® Visual Voicemail is included with your service if you have iPhone 4 or newer. Visit our Voice Mail Comparisons chart to see what comes with your Apple Visual Voicemail.

    To set up your voice mailbox:

    1. On your Verizon Wireless mobile phone, enter *86.

      Note: You can also set up your voice mailbox from another phone by entering your 10-digit mobile number and following these instructions.

    2. Tap the Call button.

      Note: If you hear a greeting, enter # to continue.

    3. Follow the prompts to personalize your greeting and mailbox options.

    How to Use It

    To access your voice mailbox:

    1. Call *VM (*86) from your mobile phone.

    2. Follow the prompts to enter your password and retrieve your messages.

      Note: If you hear your own greeting when you call *VM, press # to interrupt it and follow the prompts to enter your password.

    To access your voice mailbox (while roaming off-network or from any phone):

    1. Call your 10-digit mobile number.

    2. Press # to interrupt the greeting and follow the prompts to enter your password and retrieve your messages.

    Voice Mail Shortcuts by Region

        While Listening to a Message  After Listening to a Message 
     1  Rewind   
     1 + 1   Rewind to beginning of message  
     2  Pause   
     3  Fast Forward   
     3 + 3  Fast Forward to end of message   
     4  Slower   
     5  Envelope Info (date/time message was sent)   
     6  Faster  Forward message
     7  Delete Message*  Delete message
     8    Reply**
     9  Save Message*  Save message
     *  Cancel/Exit  
     0  Help  Help
     #  Finish/Skip  

    *Not available in all areas.

    **Forward/Reply only works with other Verizon Wireless Voice Mail subscribers in your own area.

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