How to Use Guide: My Business Account Setup

General Information

User Role Access

What can each user role do within My Business Account?

My PoC - This is the main Administrator role with access to the complete menu options. The My PoC (My Business Point of Contact) is the person responsible for creating user IDs and granting access to My Business users within their organization.

Note: There can be multiple administrators, but only one My PoC.

- Users have access to the complete menu options.

Analyst - Users have access to the complete menu options but can not create or edit users, assign users to billing accounts, mobile numbers or company structures, or create or modify company structures.

Buy - Users have access to all transactions within the Orders tab. Note: The Buy role cannot change voice plans when upgrading a device on an existing line, but this role is able to change text messaging and data plans.

Maintain - Users have access to all menu options, except for the Administration menu, Payments submenu, and Upgrade Equipment Transaction.

Maintain and Pay - Users have access to all menu options, except for the Orders screen and the following Settings options: Company Users, Billing Accounts, and Company Structure.

Product & Service - Users have access to the Account Maintenance menu option to manage Custom Applications that their company has opted to set up. All other menu options and Account Maintenance transactions are not available.

Reporting - Users have access to all menu options, except for Administration, Payments and Account Maintenance. These users will receive a monthly email when all bills have been loaded in the application.

View Only - Users have view-only access to Overview, Billing (except Payments), and Reports menu options. Note: Access to Account Reports or Wireless Number Reports is determined by the accounts and / or mobile numbers to which the user has been granted access.

View and Pay - Users have view-only and payment capabilities.


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