How to Use Guide: Upgrade To A 4G LTE™ Device


Note: Your company'€™s Customer Agreement with Verizon Wireless might restrict you from purchasing certain devices. For a list of devices that your company has approved for purchase, please see the Device Catalog. To access the Device Catalog, go to the Orders page and click Device Catalog in the Lines & Services section.

With the introduction of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) service, Verizon Wireless now requires the activation of a SIM card when ordering a new 4G device. This guide explains how to upgrade to a new 4G LTE device.

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General Information

User Role Access

The following user roles have access to upgrade to a 4G device:
  • Primary Contact
  • Administrator
  • Analyst
  • Buy
  • Maintain
  • Maintain & Pay

How To's

Upgrade Up to Ten Lines to 4G LTE devices

  1. In the Manage Account tab, click on Manage Wireless Numbers.

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  2. On the Manage Wireless Numbers page, check up to ten wireless numbers to upgrade.

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  3. From the Actions dropdown menu click Upgrade Equipment.

    + View Screen Shot

  4. On the Select Device for Upgrade screen you have the option to select a different device for each line or the same device for all lines.
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  5. Select the desired upgrade device to upgrade and check Add to Cart, then click Continue.

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  6. If you are selecting different devices for each line, you must repeat this process for each individual device. As you complete this process for each line, the selected device will be noted and marked as Complete. Once all of your upgrades are complete, click Continue one more time.
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  7. The Confirm Device Selections popup window will appear. From here you can select an insurance plan or choose to decline. Review your selections then click Continue.

    Note: Device Insurance is a required field.

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  8. Review your current plan onFrom the Plan  Selection screen. you can review your current plan . If you want to keep your current plan for a devicesfor a device, check off the Keep Plan box. If you want to review other plans and make changes, leave the Keep Plan box unchecked.

    Click Continue to proceed.

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  9. Here you can select plans for each line individually or the same plan for all lines. When you’re finished, click Continue.

    + View Screen Shot
  10. Select the desired features for each line. When you’re finished, click Continue.

    + View Screen Shot
  11. Confirm your selected features and click OK to proceed.

    + View Screen Shot
  12. Select desired accessories and click Continue.

    + View Screen Shot
  13. Review your plans then click Continue.

    + View Screen Shot
  14. Review your cart, then click Continue to Checkout.

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