Protect your device.

Did you know that over 150,000 phones are lost, stolen or damaged every year? Protect your device with Total Mobile Protection!

Total Mobile Protection (TMP)

Total Mobile Protection is our most comprehensive coverage offering next-day device replacement for lost, stolen or damaged devices, as well as expert smart support from Verizon Tech Coach through the Verizon Support & Protection app.

Coverage for loss, theft, damage, mechanical or electrical defects after the manufacturer's warranty expires.
  Basic devices and tablets (excluding SureResponse) Smartphone and iPhone® Devices
Monthly Charge $900 $1100
Deductible (lost, stolen or damaged)

Basic Phones/Jetpacks: $49

Tablets: $49-$199 (depending on model)

Smartphones: $99-$149 (depending on model)

Apple® iPhone® Devices: $149-$199 (depending on model)

Claim Maximums (lost, stolen or damaged) Two claims in 12 months. Equipment claim maximum - $400 or $1500, depending on device.
Managed By VZW (EW) and Asurion (WPP, Tech Coach).
Device Coverage Complete Coverage (EW, and WPP), including comprehensive technical customer support with Tech Coach which can be accessed from the Verizon Support & Protection (VZ Protect) app.
Duration of Coverage Active until customer cancels.
Replacement Device

New or Refurbished (like new) comparable device:

• Insurance replacements from Asurion, (new or refurbished Asurion devices) have a 12-Month warranty.
• If a customer has an issue with an Asurion replacement they should be directed to Asurion as the 12-month warranty is covered by them.

For more program details,

Products Available Separately. Total Mobile Protection (TMP) is a combination of multiple products, each of which is available separately: Wireless Phone Protection (WPP) $5.00/mo. for Basic Devices & Tablets or $7.15/mo. for Smartphones & iPhone Devices; Verizon Wireless Extended Warranty (EW) $3.00/mo.; and Verizon Tech Coach $7.00/mo.


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