Family tech

GizmoTablet, Smartphones & Other Kid's Tech.

Just Kids.

A kid-friendly plan for your phone ready kid. Subscription to Verizon Smart Family included.

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Safe. Smart.

Meet GizmoWatch, a smartwatch designed to keep kids and parents connected.
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5 tech products that support families

Add safety, efficiency and piece of mind to everything under your roof.

Wearable tech for the whole family

Three connected devices to make everyone feel—what else?—more connected.

5 ways the GizmoGadget provides peace of mind

A wearable designed with parents in mind.

3 everyday accessories for busy parents

There's never a good time to lose connectivity or battery power.

Mix and match Verizon’s new Unlimited plans for everyone in your family

Choose from three different plans - all on the same, easy to manage account.

3 ways the GizmoWatch helps prepare kids for smartphones

Owning a smartphone can be a big responsibility. But the GizmoWatch gives your child a fun and safe way to learn the ropes.


Tablets built for them. Peace of mind for you.

Wearable tech

Stay connected with wearable mobile devices and more.

Gaming and toys

Take playtime into the future with drones, VR and more.

Cases and protection

Super tough cases for your little ones.

5 ways getting your kid a phone helps you

How do you know the right time to get your kid a phone?

Smart Family

Your partner in parenting.

How to set
limits IRL.

Learn the keys to balancing digital life with family life.

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How parents can monitor their teen's digital activity

With a few tools, ensure your teen’s digital behavior is built on mutual trust.

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Calm, cool, connected.

The new Gizmowatch makes checking in easier than ever.