Parent your best, with a little help from our best.

Your kids get the most out of our tech and plans at every stage. You get to relax, knowing they’re using them wisely.

Time for your kid’s first phone? You got this.

Now that your kid’s ready for a smartphone, start them off with one of these on a Just Kids plan. Their phone, your rules.

Introducing Just Kids.

Peace of mind for you. Freedom for them. Manage screen time, filter content, track location and more.

You parent, we’ll give you the tools. Verizon Smart Family.

Know where your kids are, limit what they see on their devices and more. Smart Family Premium is now is included with the Just Kids plan.

Know who’s calling with Verizon Call Filter.

Getting a call from an unknown number? View their details like name, picture, city and state. You can also block unwanted calls based on risk level and silence the spam.

Play time just got more fun.

Grow your kid’s imagination with tablet to learn and play, a GizmoWatch to track their activity, and more.

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Learn about everything from deciding when it’s time to get your kid a phone, to setting limits when they do.

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Get peace of mind with preset data and handsets for kids.

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Check out the best games with a little competitive action.

3 ways GizmoWatch prepares kids for smartphones.

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5 ways GizmoGadget dials up peace of mind for parents.

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