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Your kids get the most out of our tech and plans at every stage. You get to relax, knowing they’re using them wisely.

Phones your teen will like. Like, really like.

Get them the phone they want on the network you can rely on. Maybe they’ll even call just to chat.

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Apple Music included, on us. Get it on iOS and Android.

With select Unlimited plans.

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A family of plans for all families. Mix and match the perfect plan for yours.

Everyone in the family gets exactly what they want. Get the plan you need without paying for things you don’t.

You parent, we’ll give you the tools. Verizon Smart Family.

Know where your kids are, limit what they see on their devices and more. Smart Family Premium is now is included with the Just Kids plan.

Tech for their first car, first year of college and more.

Keep them safe on the road with Hum, active with a smartwatch, and entertained with wireless sound or streaming TV devices.

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Do more with iPad.

iPad Pro gives your teen the tools to be more productive than ever.

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Read up on tech for teens.

As they outgrow their kid stuff and even head off to college, we help you do what’s best for them at every stage.

Otter + Pop Phone Cases: the perfect pairing.

The next evolution of smartphone case.

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Best apps for college students.

Conquer the classroom, budgeting and more.

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How to monitor your teen's digital activity.

Build your teen’s digital behavior on mutual trust.

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The right way to manage teens’ screen time.

Ensure your kids use their devices sensibly.

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Check out ratings and reviews.

See what parents and kids have to say about some of our most popular tech for families.