Best Educational Apps: Top Android Apps for Students

Here are some of the best apps that make homework time fun.

If you feel like your teenager is constantly on his cell phone, you’re probably right. About 75 percent of 12- to 17-year-olds own and use mobile phones. But the devices aren’t limited to talking, texting, music downloads and social media. They can be productive, too. The best educational apps can help students of all ages with homework and studying—and make the process a lot more fun.

Reference apps

The days of starting a research paper with a heavy, multi-volume encyclopedia are long gone. Now you can carry all of that information right in the palm of your hand. Encyclopedia Britannica is online and portable with Britannica Mobile. With more than 25,000 articles and 2,700 images, the app provides you access to a wealth of information.

Another handy tool is the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English app. It includes 230,000 words, phrases and meanings, with a fully integrated thesaurus. You can navigate the app easily through hyperlinked cross-references, a recent history page to find your last searches, and access to the full dictionary text offline.

With World Atlas you can toss out that bulky atlas and learn facts about countries all over the world, including the capitals, demographic information and national flags. Then test your skills with the quiz mode.

Help with classes

Students are learning such a variety of things that it can be hard for parents to help them with their homework in every subject. Thankfully some of the best educational apps can assist with that task.

Collins Mini has a long list of dictionaries that translate English into French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Norwegian and more. Parents themselves can even become pros at speaking foreign languages thanks to the prerecorded pronunciations that come with the app.

Find help for AP Biology and Anatomy classes with Human Anatomy. This app has illustrations and descriptions for all sorts of systems in the body, from muscles to bones, cardiovascular systems to endocrine.

Not just for big kids 

These days everyone has homework, even the kindergartners, and they’ll get a big kick out of using some apps that make learning fun. The Scholastic Reading Timer App has an interactive stopwatch that lets kids know how long they’ve been reading. This app also keeps a history of times logged, provides book lists and lets parents keep track of it all.

Flashcards Buddy can be a great help for learning the pluses and minuses of math. Create your own flashcards easily by importing files or just generating the study aids right within the app.

Stay organized

Make sure no deadline is left behind with MyHomeworkNOW & School Alerts. This homework app is a great way to keep track of assignments. If your child’s school isn’t currently enrolled in the program, you can alert them with a message that suggests they get on board. HomeWork & Time Table App also helps keep track of assignments. Make a list of everything due, sort it by date and note progress all in one place.

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