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by motorola

When it Matters Droid Does

Up to 48 hours of Battery Life 8-Hour Charge in 15 minutes Premium Ballistic Nylon Water Repellent Nano-Coating

Verizon Droid Turbo

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Turbo Charged
In 15 Minutes

A 4G LTE smartphone with Turbo Charge technology means you get back into action quickly. Plug in DroidTurbo for 15 minutes and get up to 8 hours of battery life when you need it most. It’s not charging; it’s turbo charging.

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Processing At
The Speed of Turbo

A processor this fast makes everything else seem slow. DroidTurbo’s 2.7 GHz Quad Core processor lets you own gaming, multitasking and video capture.

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Lasts All Day,
Night, Day, Night.

DroidTurbo has the most battery capacity of any 4G LTE smartphone. Up to 2 days/48 hours of mixed-use battery life. That’s Droid Turbo.

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Every Detail
in Detail

With the DroidTurbo 21 MP camera, you shoot everything in ridiculous high definition. DroidTurbo’s intelligent imaging uses enhanced image quality algorithms so you get the best shot possible with zero effort. Video capture in 4k means never missing a moment.

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You Can Feel

Touch and feel the power of new premium Ballistic Nylon. The rich color is combined with a reinforcing high-strength aluminum for a strong yet lightweight design. (Available on select models.)

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Droid Turbo

Matthew Santoro, YouTube celebrity, unboxes the Droid Turbo and does a deep dive into its hardware. Watch as Matthew tests the 21 MP camera, super high definition 4K video, Ballistic Nylon and other features.

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DroidTurbo | Turbo Charge Feature Video | Verizon Wireless

Subscribe to Verizon Wireless: When you get up to 8 hours of battery life in 15 minutes, it’s not charging, it’s Turbo Charging. See the phone at Connect with ...
Turbo Charge Battery
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DroidTurbo | Snapdragon® 805 Processor Feature Video | Verizon Wireless

Subscribe to Verizon Wireless: With its blazing fast 2.7 GHz processor, the new DroidTurbo is so fast, everything else seems slow. See the phone at Connect with ...
2.7 GHz Processor
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DroidTurbo | Battery Life Feature Video | Verizon Wireless

Subscribe to Verizon Wireless: The massive 3,900mAh battery on the DroidTurbo gives you up to 48 hours of mixed battery life so you can go all day, all night, and do it all again...
48 Hour Battery
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DroidTurbo | 21MP Camera Feature Video | Verizon Wireless

Subscribe to Verizon Wireless: The 21MP camera on the DroidTurbo takes ridiculously high-def shots with zero effort. See the phone at Connect with Verizon Wireles...
21 MP Camera
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DroidTurbo | How It's Made | Verizon Wireless

Subscribe to Verizon Wireless: How do you make a phone that survives drops, spills, and getting through the day? See it at Connect with Verizon Wireless Online Vi...
Ballistic Nylon
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DroidTurbo Unboxing [Sponsored] | Mashable

Matthew Santoro brings you a new unboxing video for the DroidTurbo. We're shown what this phone can do from an up close and personal point of view. Presented by Verizon. See the phones:
Droid Turbo Unboxed
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Droid Turbo Vs.

See how Droid Turbo stands up to the competition.

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by motorola
Ballistic Nylon Ballistic Nylon

Black Ballistic Nylon

Black Ballistic Nylon with a lightweight, high‑strength aluminum design.

Available in
64GB* and 32GB*.

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Brilliant red tinted metalized glass fiber with a high-strength aluminum and Dupont™ Kevlar® back cover.

Available in

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Black MGF Black MGF

Black MGF

Dark metalized glass fiber with a high‑strength aluminum and Dupont™ Kevlar® back cover.

Available in 32GB*.

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The classically crafted watch of tomorrow, on your wrist today. It’s timeless round design, carefully sourced quality materials and advanced technology, puts the Moto 360 wristwatch ahead of its time.

Flip Case

Its smart design protects both front and back, while giving you easy display and camera access—keeping you in the loop. Available in a range of durable materials and colors, it’s one tough and stylish case.

Bose ®SoundLink ®
Color Bluetooth ®

Don’t be fooled by its size, its compact design delivers a full, clear and well-balanced sound. SoundLink® is a totally portable, durable and easy to connect speaker that keeps your music moving with you.

Charging Stand

A cable-free charging station, that allows you to effortlessly place your Qi enabled devices on it—in both portrait or landscape position—so you can get the ultimate charge, while enjoying the optimal screen-viewing angle.

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