UPDATE: Don't Miss an Important Message Again

Verizon Messages now includes integrated messaging.

By on March 21, 2013

UPDATE: Verizon Integrated Messaging wins best in show for Emerging Technology Award at CTIA 2013.

Twenty years after the first text message was sent, messaging remains a popular form of communication for many wireless users. However, as more and more wireless users alternate between their smartphone, tablet, and personal computer, it is very easy to miss an important message when your phone is not close by.

To help customers keep up with text, multimedia and other forms of messaging, Verizon Wireless updated its Verizon Messages service to now include integrated messaging. A message sent to a customer’s mobile number will appear simultaneously on his or her PC, Android smartphone, and Android or iOS tablet, making sure an important text message will not be missed no matter what device they’re using. The message will be delivered to the other devices and stored on the Verizon cloud for up to 90 days unless deleted by the user. Messages can also be stored indefinitely on an SD card.

How we communicate is always evolving, yet messaging remains a powerful, effective and efficient form of communication.