4G LTE Customer Stories

4G LTE Customer Stories

Manchester Customer Chooses 4G LTE


Dennis Miller, one of the Kansas/Missouri Region’s first customers to buy a 4G LTE modem, actually bought two. And he’s really excited about how much his Internet experience will be improved at his home.

Miller lives in Labadie, Missouri, a town located about 30 miles from the Manchester Verizon Wireless store in Ballwin, Mo. He has been using dial-up for Internet access for years, but was recently impressed by his son’s experience with a Verizon Wireless’ 3G modem. He came into the store to find out more about 3G, but when he found out about 4G LTE, he was hooked.

“I just need something faster than dial-up to get online,” Miller said. He describes himself as an average Internet user and will be using the two LG modems he purchased on desktop computers at his home. When Retail Sales Rep J.T. Mincher showed Miller a live demo of LT in the store today, his eyes lit up.

“This is going to be so much better than what I have,” Miller said.

Barrington, Ill. residents Debbie and John Zucco


Debbie and John Zucco are owners of Timeless Life Stories, a company which creates custom wedding albums. Mrs. Zucco said they have been loyal Verizon customers since the company was formed. "The network has never let us down." said Debbie Zucco. "The faster 4G speeds will help our business tremendously as we travel across the country uploading huge volumes of photos everyday."

(Pictured above: Verizon Wireless retail sales representative Mubashir Khan at the Hoffman Estates, Ill., store sells the store's first 4G modem (the LG VL 600) to Barrington, Ill. residents Debbie and John Zucco.)