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The ABCs of Choosing a New Wireless Service Provider

Verizon Wireless Invests Billions and Drives Hundreds of Thousands of Miles Annually to Ensure a Superior Network Experience for Customers

November 12, 2003

Jeffrey Nelson

BEDMINSTER, NJ — American wireless consumers can switch wireless service providers without the hassle of changing their phone number starting on November 24th, so Verizon Wireless wants to remind them to consider the network first and foremost for ultimate satisfaction in their wireless purchase.

Every new wireless customer faces an average of ten decisions including: service provider, coverage area, rate plan, minute allotment, roaming charges, primary usage - business or pleasure, value added services — including games, calling habits, customer service and reputation. Customers must also choose from handsets in several shapes, colors and sizes — each with its own set of bells and whistles. Further, customers are increasingly relying on data services, such as Get It NowSM and NationalAccess, to do everything from checking e-mail and flight status to downloading the latest ring tones and games. Yet, most customers do not give enough thought to the single most important wireless service feature — the quality of the network delivering the call. Without a high-quality network to put the call through, even the most advanced handsets will not perform.

Renowned for the reliability and expansiveness of its award-winning network, Verizon Wireless also leads in providing superior network-dependent data services to its customers. Its NationalAccess network provides high-speed wireless data service so customers can have access to corporate intranets and files, the Internet and e-mail when they log onto their laptop without hooking up to a PC. Get It Now is unparalleled in its offering of thousands of ring tones, hundreds of games, useful productivity applications and more. Inter-carrier and international text messaging enables quick and discreet communication while GETpix lets customers take and send pictures using their VX6000 handset by LG in four quick steps. If these services, which make life fun and more efficient, weren't enough, Verizon Wireless' America's ChoiceSM plan lets customers use their wireless service throughout the Verizon Wireless nationwide network with no roaming charges.

Since its inception, Verizon Wireless has dedicated significant financial and human resources to improve its network. The company currently deploys a fleet of 60 test vehicles managed by Verizon Wireless engineers who each cover more than 100,000 miles per year to ensure optimum network performance. These test men and women continuously test the network and identify areas for improvement. Verizon Wireless continuously expands network capacity and augmented performance to increase service quality and reliability. On an annual basis, Verizon Wireless spends more than $4 billion to preserve and expand its high-quality network.

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