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Verizon Wireless, Indiana Attorney General Carter Introduce Campaign to Combat Partner Abuse at Vincennes University

Vincennes University Joins Statewide Drive to Safeguard

September 29, 2005

Michelle Gilbert
248-915-3680Staci Schneider
Indiana Attorney General Press Secretary

VINCENNES, IN — Verizon Wireless today joined Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter and Vincennes University in bringing to the Vincennes and Jasper campuses of VU a statewide public education campaign to raise awareness of partner abuse among students, with the hope of encouraging victims of this crime to seek help.

"The damaging cycle of domestic violence often begins with partner abuse among our youth," said Wyesli Temple, Verizon Wireless spokesman for Southern Indiana and Kentucky. "Through this campaign, we hope to put a greater focus on this problem and on the lasting negative impact it can have on young Hoosiers."

"Our goal is to let college students know that abuse is not acceptable," said Attorney General Carter. "It is harmful in itself and can lead to physical or sexual abuse that can scar young people far beyond their college years. Students must learn now how to recognize abusive behavior."

As part of the statewide campaign, two partner abuse awareness posters are being distributed to several Indiana colleges, universities and campus organizations for display in student centers, libraries, cafeterias, residence halls, sorority and fraternity houses, and other high-traffic campus locations.

The free posters highlight common phrases of verbal abuse that frequently are used to intimidate and control victims and may signal more violent behavior. Each poster prominently includes at least one local number to call for counseling or other help. The local numbers for the Vincennes campus include the university's Counseling Center (812-888-4374) and the local domestic violence shelter Harbor House (812-882-7900). The local number for VU's Jasper campus is 800-245-4580, which is Crisis Connection, the local domestic violence resource network. The posters also feature the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence's statewide 24-hour hotline, which is (800) 332-7385.

Educating women at the nation's universities about their risk of violence is critical, as research studies show that college women are at greater risk for sexual assault than women in the general population (Fisher et al., 1998; DeKeseredy & Kelly, 1993). After conducting the most recent national study on campus rape that surveyed 4,446 college women, researchers estimated that if the risk of victimization were projected across a college career, the percentage of completed or attempted rapes among women would climb to between one-fifth and one-quarter (Fisher, Cullen, & Turner, 2000).

A study of physical assault against college women recently found that 16.6 percent had been the target of physical aggression in the preceding year and that more than half (53.6 percent) had been threatened with violence (Leonard, Quigley & Collins, 2002). Finally, studies now document significant rates of stalking victimization among college women, with one study finding that 27 percent of college women will be victimized in that way (Spitzberg, 2002).

VU President Richard E. Helton commended Verizon Wireless for its strong corporate leadership in raising awareness of the partner abuse issue.

"Vincennes University is proud to join Verizon Wireless in launching this significant campaign to enable students to recognize partner abuse and to make them aware that the Indiana Attorney General and university counselors and law enforcement agencies can help them to manage these dangerous situations," Helton said. "The awareness campaign is an exceptional opportunity to encourage more students to learn about partner abuse so that they are able to recognize unhealthy relationships and stop abuse.

Carter and Temple encouraged all Indiana colleges and universities to join Vincennes University in raising awareness of an issue that may affect many of their students.

"As our awareness campaign says, 'Abuse doesn't have to be physical to beat you up,'" Temple said. "We want students to know that help is available and that they shouldn't tolerate abusive behavior."

For more information about the partner abuse initiative, contact Michelle Gilbert at Verizon Wireless, 248-915-3680, or Staci Schneider at the Indiana Attorney General's office, 317-232-6351. Colleges and organizations interested in receiving the posters may email their requests to  

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