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Fresno, California, Latino-Owned Small Businesses Awarded Verizon Wireless Grants

The company will award two $2,500 cash grants plus cell phones and air time to spur technological advancement of Fresno firms

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May 31, 2009

Sonia Sánchez  

Verizon Wireless Latino Small Business Awards Ceremony

As part of the company’s new Organiza.Crece.Triunfa program, Verizon Wireless created the Verizon Wireless Small Business Awards. Winning businesses will receive a $2,500 cash infusion and a grant of phones and free air time.

Wednesday, June 17th

Los Amigos Restaurant 1752 W. Shaw Ave. Fresno, CA 93711

As part of the Organiza.Crece.Triunfa program, the company launched the Verizon Wireless Small Business Awards. The prize package includes a $2500 cash infusion to go towards technological advancement, three Motorola Adventure push-to-talk phones and one Family Share Plan service valued at $2500 for one year with a total prize valued at over $5,000.

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