Bringing Back the House Call Through Technology

4G LTE Allows Doctors to Check in on Patients Without an Office Visit

By on May 8, 2012

Think of it as the doctor’s office that comes to you.

That’s what InTouch Health’s RP-Xpress can be for the homebound patient or those that live far from a hospital.

Telehealth solutions, like InTouch’s RP-7 robot, allow a physician to remotely monitor, diagnose and interact with patients. The doctor can overcome barriers of distance and time, and for the patient, this means access to the specialists quickly without having to travel distances to see them.

The RP-Xpress brings the healthcare experience home. Think about solving the difficulty of transporting an elderly relative for a follow-up visit to the doctor after surgery.

With the RP-Xpress, the physician can access electronic medical files, such as X-rays and lab work, while talking with the patient about her symptoms and recovery. This handheld device lets a doctor check a patient with a built-in camera that streams video over 4G LTE, offers readings of a patient’s vitals, and provides dual audio options for team or private communications.

InTouch’s RP-Xpress connects people in rural areas with top specialists who may be an hour or more away and prevent strenuous trips to the hospital via high-definition video conferencing over 4G LTE. Mount the RP-Xpress to the wall or keep it bedside for easy access to let a healthcare professional stay on top of a loved one’s medical situation.

Innovations in telehealth, such InTouch’s RP-Xpress, bring the doctor’s office to whoever and wherever its needed most.