Mobile Transactions Made Easy for Growers and Consumers

Produce stands now accepting credit cards.

By on August 16, 2013

Visit any farmer’s market or roadside vegetable stand this time of year, and you’re sure to find an abundance of choices. Fresh corn. Juicy watermelon. Leafy greens. And yes, ugly tomatoes — otherwise known as heirlooms.

But when it comes to flavor, the uglier the better. For years, customers drawn to the delicious tastes of the iconic vegetable stand would arrive hoping to pick up dinner, but would leave empty-handed since they weren’t carrying cash. Luckily, mobile payments have changed that.

Independent farmers and entrepreneurs can now easily process credit card transactions on the spot. Through wireless networks, mobile devices and solutions like Square, local growers have payment options that enable cash-strapped buyers to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, no matter how ugly, at the farmstand with the convenience of their credit or debit card.

A win for the farmer who has just made a sale. And certainly a win for the customer who leaves with a basket full of fresh food. 

Robert Cavallo of Silver Spring, Maryland was able to bring home a variety of ugly heirlooms for dinner, and several meals thereafter, all with the swipe of his card on the grower’s tablet. “This is really convenient, as I almost never carry cash.”

Cavallo’s transaction was approved in a matter of seconds, and off he went, on his way home, with a bag full of Cherokee Purples, Green Zebras, Black Krims and Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifters — all heirloom varieties that make up for their lack in looks with beefy, intense, mouth-watering flavor.