How Much Data Does Your Small Business Use?

Verizon Wireless Mobile Trends Index explores data usage for growing companies.

By on September 16, 2013

Nearly 25 percent of small and medium business owners aren’t keeping tabs on their mobile data usage, according to recent research from the Verizon Wireless Mobile Trends Index. That could have major effects on their bottom line.

Fortunately there are many tools businesses can use to see how much data they need and how that number could grow based on the number of devices and how they are used. The Verizon Data Usage Calculator is a free tool that allows consumers to measure how much data is needed for a specific task. For example, a business owner who sends 100 emails a day, visits 25 websites a day and uploads 10 pictures everyday or a month would use about 1.2 GB of data a month.

The type of data plan can also play a big role in overall cost to a small business. The Share Everything Plan for Small Business enables owners to simplify the data measuring process by allowing a company to pool data usage on multiple devices under a single plan. So, a real estate firm that has 20 brokers on the road using mobile devices can be tracked on one bill.

The index also took a look at what types of plans small businesses found to be the most beneficial. More than 85 percent polled have a combined voice and data plan. Rounding out the other possibilities were voice only (6.5 percent); prepaid (3.5 percent) and data only at 1.6 percent. A small section of those polled – 3.1 percent - were not sure what kind of plans they had.

The infographic below contains additional information from the Verizon Wireless Mobile Trend Index survey.

For the survey, Verizon Wireless polled 1,026 United States-based small businesses – from sole proprietorships to those with up to 999 employees across several industries. Survey respondents identified themselves as working in the following industries: agriculture; business support; construction; entertainment & leisure; financial services; healthcare; insurance; manufacturing; real estate; telecommunications; technology; Internet and utilities / energy.

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