IndyCar’s Will Power’s Must-have Apps

Team Penske driver’s favorite app selections.

By on April 30, 2014

With the IndyCar race season underway, we caught up with Team Penske driver Will Power to get his must-have apps.

IndyCar14 --This app is awesome and I use it all the time. It has the latest news and information regarding IndyCar. Anything you need to know that is IndyCar-related, you can find it on this app--from track info, to live timing and scoring, race highlight videos, track info, driver and team info. It really comes in handy for me and is my definite go-to for anything IndyCar-related.

YouTube -- I travel a lot and watching YouTube is relaxing for me when I have some down time. Any video I want to watch, I just pull up on the YouTube app. It also helps if I want to watch old races or anything music related…I can just watch with this app.

Weather --I use this app a ton. Weather has a big part to play in racing and along with all of the travel, I'm able to just pull up the weather app and I can get an idea of what it's going to be like in the next city that I visit for a race.

AP News --Since I travel all the time, I don't always have access to my computer or the TV.  The AP News app helps keep me up to date on what's happening around the world.

Google Maps --I use this one a lot. I’m getting better with directions, but at the end of the day I’m still from Australia. I can get back and forth from my house to the shop – and I can find Chipotle – but the rest of the time I’m at the mercy of Google Maps.

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Photo credit: Steve Swope 

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