Ultimate #MoreSoCal Day (Part III)

Action sports blogger chills on the beach, then hits the waves before calling it a day.

By on April 7, 2014

Part I - While most of the United States endured a harsh winter this year, Southern Californians enjoyed yet another mild season. But it’s not just the weather that makes SoCal special. It’s also blessed with some of the most beautiful geography in the world, framed by the azure splendor of the Pacific on one side and dramatic mountains and desert scenery on the other.

Southern California is one of the few places in the world where an enthusiastic athlete can surf and ski in the same day – and this three-part Ultimate #MoreSoCal Day video series proves SoCal’s geographical diversity.

Action-sports blogger– and California native – Lindsay Tredent puts local terrain to the test with the help of wireless technology in part one of the series. Watch Tredent kick-start at 5:00 a.m. to hit the slopes at Bear Mountain in Big Bear Lakes. She had such a great time that she blogged about her experience in a special "behind the scenes" post on her website.

Part 2 - Southern California is home to one of the most culturally-diverse populations in the country, and nowhere is that diversity better showcased than in our cuisine.

In part two of the Ultimate #MoreSoCal Day video series, action-sports blogger Lindsay Tredent stops to refuel at one of the city’s most iconic dining establishments, Avila’s El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant.

After a morning spent shredding Bear Mountain – and before hitting the waves in Huntington Beach –Tredent enjoys a traditional Mexican meal while viewing her GoPro Hero 3 footage on the Verizon Ellipsis 7 tablet. Check it out!

Part 3 - The finale of the Ultimate #MoreSoCal Day video series takes us to Huntington Beach, Calif., or Surf City USA. Home to the U.S. Open of Surfing, Huntington Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in SoCal to hit the waves, and action-sports blogger Lindsay Tredent is sure to take advantage of the day and the surf.

Before suiting up, Tredent takes a moment to take in the sun and check out her blog,FitandAwesome.com. After a morning of snowboarding in Bear Mountain and lunch at Avila’s El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant, she could definitely use the break.

It’s not long before we get to see Tredent back in action and riding the waves. Through the lens of the GoPro Hero 3, we are with her as she reaches her goal of snowboarding and surfing all in one day.  

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