Attached at the Hip: The Love Affair between Consumers and Their Mobile Phones

Video poll asks the question, "How long could you last without your phone or tablet?"

By on October 7, 2014

In today’s connected world, consumers rely heavily on their mobile devices. Nearly everywhere you turn, people are nose-down talking, texting or reading the screen of their mobile phones. They have become our lifeline to staying connected to family, friends and business associates – and often our most valued fashion accessory as well.

To see just how important cell phones are, we took to the street to ask consumers about their connection to their mobile device. Speaking with visitors at Atlanta Tech Village, we got the scoop on just how long they could last without their device, how many times per day they unlock it and even how quickly after waking up they check their phone. We threw in a few fun facts too. Do you know the name of the phobia of being without your phone? You will after checking out this video!

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