The Fitness Guru: Trainer to the Stars Obi Obadike Talks Tech and Healthy Living

Celebrity trainer shares how technology can play a role in one’s fitness program.

By on October 6, 2014

Like most folks, I could benefit from losing a few pounds. I struggle trying to figure out the best workout approach, what to eat and how much to eat. For some, it can feel overwhelming and become a barrier to taking action. That’s why I was pumped (pun intended) when I had a chance to catch up with celebrity trainer Obi Obadike. 

A certified trainer and nutritionist, Obadike was named among the Top 10 most influential fitness experts on the web by Dr. Oz’s ShareCare.Com and has built a loyal celebrity client list. “I lost 33 pounds, and got in the best shape of my life at 44 years old under Obi’s guidance as my trainer and nutritionist,” said longtime film and TV actor Morris Chestnut, who recently starred in The Best Man Holiday. 

If I wanted to lose 33 pounds like Chestnut, should I work out seven days a week and eat like a rabbit to make it happen? “No, you don’t need to over-train to get in shape,” said Obadike. “If you do, you’ll create a huge imbalance between the calories you burn and the calories you eat. Your body will assume you’re in some kind of crisis, so it will drastically lower your metabolism to preserve every calorie. Your energy level will drop significantly. You’ll feel like a zombie and you won’t lose any weight.” 

The takeaway here is straightforward. “Your personal trainer really needs to know the science between nutrition and working out,” said Obadike, “so make sure they’re certified by an organization like the International Sports Sciences Association.” With the science of nutrition in mind, he often recommends a starting macronutrient ratio diet of 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates and 20 percent fat. “But this ratio changes, obviously, with the body type of the client and their respective fitness goals.” 

For example, Morris Chestnut needed to get ripped for a movie role, but that wasn’t the goal of Stephen A. Smith, co-host of ESPN’s First Take and host of his own sports radio show on Sirius XM Channel 85.  Smith just wanted to lose a few pounds and regain some energy. “I haven’t been in this type of shape since I was in my 20’s,” said Smith. “It’s because of Obi. He got me on the right track with a customized training and diet program.” 

And how does Obadike see technology playing a role in one’s fitness program? “I advise my clients to get a Fitbit,” said Obadike. “It’s a phenomenal device to keep track of the calories you burn. In fact, I use it myself to track the distance I run when I’m doing roadwork and count the calories I burn.” 

For people who can’t afford a personal nutritionist or trainer, Obadike recommends The Nutritionist app. “I’ve seen people lose 100 pounds using this app,” he said. “You input your height, weight and your weight loss goals and the app creates a customized meal plan for you for the week.” After you lose weight, you enter the results in the app and it will adjust your meal plan the following week. 

What’s next for Obi Obadike, who already has more than one million followers on Twitter, and a growing list of celebrity clients? “I just finished taping sixteen episodes of Lifestyle Magazine, which will begin airing the first week of November on the TBN network and other nationally syndicated networks,” said Obadike. “It’s been on-air for more than twenty years with two hosts and this season they’ve added three additional co-hosts — a medical doctor, a life coach and me. We’re interviewing experts and celebrities with inspiring stories, teaching the audience about living a healthy lifestyle across the board — mind, body and soul.”

To inquire about personal training or nutrition consulting with Obi Obadike, click here. Also, watch his video, “The Perfect 7-Minute Workout Move,” above.

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