Attached at the Hip Part 2: Data: A Love Story

We wanted to know how important data is to you.

By on November 20, 2014

Phones used to be just for talking. Today, they are used for so much more. Our phones are critical pieces of our everyday wardrobe and lifestyle, helping us stay connected to work, loved ones, social trends and our favorite TV shows or sports teams. Phones are our entertainment venue, our safety net, our navigator and our connection to friends.

Most of the time as we are doing these everyday things – checking sports scores, following directions through traffic, etc. – we aren’t thinking about data. But data is exactly what we all rely on to make these connections happen.

We wanted to know how important data is to you, so we chatted with tech-savvy entrepreneurs and guests at Atlanta Tech Village. We found some interesting ways (and places) you’re using data, how dedicated you are to your “second screen,” how much data you use each month, and what in the world a Shilentnobyte is.

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