No Power, No Cell Service

One newspaper’s story of survival during the biggest fire in state history.

By on November 26, 2014

The largest wildfires in the history of the state of Washington destroyed more than 300 homes and cost more than $60 million to fight. The fires burned utility poles and melted power and telecom lines in the rural Methow Valley.

With no power and no cell service, the local newspaper in Twisp lost its ability to publish and share critical road closures and evacuation notices on its website until it discovered that one carrier, Verizon, had restored cell sites and service within hours.

Longtime journalist and publisher, Don Nelson, and newspaper staff and local citizens describe this summer’s long ordeal and explain how the newspaper switched carriers to survive.

Scott Charlston is a public relations manager for Verizon Wireless. Follow him on Twitter at @VZWScott.

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