Cell Phone Call Quality Then Versus Now

The ‘90s called — and they don’t want their phone back.

By on June 9, 2015

While it’s true that our thumbs are texting and "talking" more each year, advancements in mobile phone call quality continue to be developed. Innovations such as Advanced Calling 1.0 let our voices be heard more naturally than ever before. Have you experienced the difference yet? Click the audio samples below to compare cell phone call quality then versus now. For best results, use earbuds or headphones.

First, a refresher of how mobile phone calls used to sound using 1990s technology:

Now listen to the same Harvard sentences via VoLTE:

Once more, a sample of yesterday’s tinny and compressed voice quality:

And again, VoLTE carries a much more true-to-voice conversation:

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Disclaimer: Using an outdated version of Internet Explorer may prevent you from listening to the sound clips.