Prep Hoops Network relies on mobile tech in covering college hopefuls

By on November 2, 2015

Prep basketball across America is highly competitive, especially for those with a dream of playing in college and beyond. Nearly one million boys and girls played high school basketball between 2014 and 2015; however, only about six percent ended up on a college team.

That is where Prep Hoops Network enters, providing a comprehensive resource for high school basketball players in 18 states from 45 contributors. The network focuses on all teams and prospects, offering analysis and information that is valuable for parents, players and coaches of high schools, grassroots leagues and college programs.

One of the lead writers for the network is Ryan James, who knows his way around a gym, having coached 11 seasons of high school basketball in Minnesota. James is a fast-moving writer who travels extensively across the country, covering tournaments and players. Often, he will cover two or three games at a time using Twitter to update scores, note player highlights and get the scoop on which college coaches are talking to which recruits.

James relies on his smartphone for everything – including how to get to the gym. During the summer grassroots season, he tested an iPhone 6 on the Verizon 4G LTE network. James traveled across 11 states and covered 75 games, filing 275 stories for the Prep Hoops Network. He used his device to take notes, shoot photos, record video interviews and post to social media sites.  

Mobile technology is vital for the writers who cover prep basketball, according to Nick Carroll, the co-founder of Prep Hoops Network.  “Mobile technology and social media help us cover as many players as we can, and we hope that means more opportunities and a college education for talented players,” he said.