Minnesota Water Tower Communications

By on April 4, 2016

Verizon has been notified that five municipalities across Minnesota and Wisconsin have scheduled maintenance on water towers that currently host Verizon cell sites. The project timelines provided by the cities range from several weeks to several months.

During the project, Verizon and other wireless carriers with cell sites on the tower are required to move their sites to a temporary facility.   Verizon is working to reduce the impact to our customers, but anytime a cell site is moved, it may affect the quality of Verizon’s service.  Some Verizon customers may experience slower 4G speeds, and while there is no anticipated impact on Verizon’s voice services, some customers may experience dropped calls.

The impacted cities will be:

*Eagan, MN – Beginning April 1, 2016

*Hudson, WI – Beginning April 8, 2016

*Waconia, MN – Beginning April 8, 2016

*Lino Lakes, MN – Beginning April 15, 2016

*River Falls, MN – Beginning May 15, 2016

*all timelines provided by individual municipalities

If Verizon customers have additional questions, please call our Customer Care hotline at 800-922-0204.

Our primary objective is to inform Verizon customers of possible changes in service due to the city’s maintenance project so that they can plan for potential impacts during this period of time.  

Verizon has worked to minimize the impact to our customers, and will continue to do so until the city’s project is complete.